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As we covered in the Concepts page, SPBAS is industry agnostic. Once a customer has purchased a product, a package will be created under their account which indicates that they own that product.

A product is generic - it provides the billing and other options around ownership that are generic to all items (selling a t-shirt, software product, web hosting and anything else).

To give that product and package meaning, you need to define the assets that it includes. An asset can be thought of the outcome for what the user has purchased.

Asset types include:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Licenses
  • File Download
  • Download Control
  • Support Package

What are the different types of Assets?

Web Hosting

A web hosting asset is a web hosting account that has been setup on a server.

Domain Name

A domain name asset is a single domain which is owned by that customer.


SPBAS has a fully featured licensing system for ISV's and developers, containing the best of the features from our previous products, PHPAudit & Iono. All licenses are associated with a package. A single license may provide rights for multiple installations (instances).

File Download

The 'Media Set' asset is the right to download one or more files. For example, a software executable or zip file.

Download Control

A download control provides for fine-grained control over a users file download (media set) rights. A download control may grant the customer the ability to download the file(s) for one day, week, month, year or forever - what you've configured.

Support Package

A support package asset is a time period which entitles the customer to support. This can be used in conjunction with the SPBAS helpdesk to limit access to different departments - for example, a user may have access to your technical support team for 6 months (or another timeframe, as defined by you).


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