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Now that we've provided an overview of concepts and assets, let's provide an example to bring it altogether. We'll then talk through install SPBAS and configuring the different sections with this outcome in mind!

3 Products

Imagine that you sell three products:

  1. An eBook: "How to Develop a Successful Online Business"
  2. A software package: "Simple Website Content Management System"
  3. A hosting package: "Shared Hosting Package A"

Let's see how these are reflected within SPBAS....


One Product called "How to Develop a Successful Online Business". We'll also define a new Media Set (file download) and upload two Downloads: and We then add the Media Set Asset to the product within SPBAS.

Software Package

We're selling our "Simple Website Content Management System" with one year of support and one year of product updates. We expect customers to purchase one copy of the product for each website they want to use it on.

Here's how we reflect this in SPBAS:

  • A Software License: Valid for a single domain name;
  • A Media Set with a single Download of;
  • A Download Control set to one year;
  • A Support Package set to one year.

Each of these is a single Asset within SPBAS.

We then create one Product called "Simple Website Content Management System". We add all four assets to our product record.

Hosting Package

Within SPBAS, we configure our hosting package to be setup on one of our cPanel/WHM servers.

We then create one Product called "Shared Hosting Package A". We add one Asset - the hosting package we just configured.

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